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Xinghua Wang – The organic folk crafts

Like many of the world’s finest cermaicists, Xinghua Wang studied his craft at Jingdezhen at the city’s famous Ceramic Institute. After graduating he chose to stay in this historic city, a major centre for many of China’s best ceramic artists.

Xinghua is a quiet, gentle man but with a deep passion for his craft. His pieces are not showy or flamboyant; his love is for robust, functional bowls and plates that can be used at every meal.



(Xinghua’s crafts in Chinale Exhibition in Shanghai)

He adds iron-rich yellow or red minerals to his clay mix and uses reduction firing techniques to create subtle natural tones that have warmth and an understated beauty. His unique and almost rustic pieces reflect his personality perfectly. There is nothing bright or showy here, but there is a quiet strength and beauty in these ceramics that are designed to last a lifetime.

When we visited Xinghua’s studio last July we came home with one of his signature plates. To start with, we didn’t use it but kept it on a shelf. But after a while we began bringing it down at mealtimes, and before long we found it was an essential presence on the dining table, as important as the food it held. Memories were made around it, and as Yanagi, Japanese philosopher and founder of the folk art movement says, “The more a thing is used, the more beautiful it becomes.”



(Xinghua’s crafts)


(The joint exhibition of Xinghua and his wife Yue Shi)

Xinghua’s wife is also a successful ceramic artist, and the couple recently held a joint exhibition in Shanghai. Yue Shi’s artistic style is completely different to her husband’s but they share a passion for ceramic art. Like many other dedicated ceramic artists they live in Jindezhen, China’s ceramics capital, where they are surrounded by like-minded artisans all pursuing their dreams.

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